Message from the President

Life presents us with many paths, and some lead us to places we never imagined. As you’ll see in this report, many roads lead those we serve to Goodwill. And no one leaves on the same track as before. This past year, our organization took a look at our own path and mapped the way to our future through a new strategic plan.

Like most things, it wasn’t easy. We examined our strengths and areas for improvement, and we asked tough questions about our organization. Board members, employees, partners and other stakeholders were asked their thoughts and expectations of Goodwill. And we listened.

We also considered the needs of central Indiana. Currently, our state has one of the least educated workforces in the nation. Our infant mortality rate is higher than the national average. Countless people across central Indiana cannot find work because they have barriers for which many employers do not or cannot accommodate.

That’s why the core of our mission is still the same.

When we cross paths with those we serve, lives change for the better. Through Nurse-Family Partnership, we’ve helped more than 1,000 mothers have healthy pregnancies. Thousands of students have graduated from our charter high schools, Indianapolis Metropolitan High School and The Excel Center. Even more Hoosiers have found jobs through our employment services.

Continued support from you, our partners and friends, donors and shoppers, is essential to advancing our mission. Thank you. We could not do this work without you. With your continued commitment and partnerships, we look forward to what awaits us on this new path. Learn more about where Goodwill is headed at

Kent A. Kramer, President and CEO



Goodwill changes lives every day by empowering people to increase their independence and reach their potential through education, health and employment.


All people are productive, self-sufficient and capable of contributing to their communities.


  • Innovation
  • The Value of the Individual
  • Learning
  • Employment
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Lasting Impact

Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson didn’t let his physical and learning disabilities stop him from achieving success. After years looking for jobs that would accommodate his needs, Jason was discouraged because he knew he could do more. When he connected with Goodwill, he found a job he loved and friends to support his goals. He became a top employee at ClickGoodwill, our e-commerce operation.


of working-age people with disabilities are employed in Indiana (Cornell University, 2015)


of Goodwill employees have a disability

Olivia Bell

Olivia Bell wasn’t sure what being a young, single mother meant for her future, but it turned out to be the most meaningful experience of her life.

At 21, Olivia became pregnant, and she dropped out of college. She was alone and scared of what was to come.


of babies in Marion County are born before reaching full term (March of Dimes, 2015)


of infants of NFP mothers were born at full term

Starr Franklin

The Starr Franklin that entered Indianapolis Metropolitan High School, our charter high school on Indianapolis’ near Westside, four years ago isn’t the same student today.


of Marion County high school 2014 graduates were 21st Century Scholars. (5)*


of 2014's 21st Century Scholar graduates enrolled in college. (5)*

Ron Smith

Ron Smith learned the value of earning a high school diploma; it just took a few decades longer than expected.

In 1982, Ron dropped out of high school because he thought working would be a better use of his time.

working-age Hoosiers lack a high school diploma or equivalent (Lumina Foundation, 2016)

working-age Hoosiers are graduates of The Excel Center*

Denise Chittum, Eskenazi Health

When Denise Chittum first walked into the doors of Eskenazi Health, she didn’t know how their partnership with Goodwill would come full circle and change her life.

Denise sought prenatal care at Eskenazi, where she was identified as a candidate for and then referred to Goodwill’s Nurse-Family Partnership.

Building Community, Strengthening Opportunity

Goodwill is proud to work with many outstanding businesses, agencies and other organizations to serve central Indiana residents, including Covance, IU Health, EHOB, Early Learning Indiana, Global Forming and Global Plastics, Ivy Tech Community College and St. Vincent Health, among others. We hope to increase these collaborations and continue to the work of removing barriers to employment, education and health for those we serve.

Message from the Board Chair

JScottEnrightandJasonThis is an exciting time at Goodwill. Over the last year, we smoothly transitioned to new leadership under Kent Kramer by continuing to effectively run our retail stores and Commercial Services, advancing our mission through the expansion of Nurse-Family Partnership and The Excel Center and renewing our efforts to collaborate with other like-minded organizations. Goodwill is changing lives every day and empowering people to increase their independence and reach their potential.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Jason Robinson, whose story is shared in this report, and saw firsthand how Goodwill leaves a lasting impact on the individuals we serve. Jason’s passion — for his work and Goodwill — is contagious. He reminded me of why this work is so important to support. There are thousands of Hoosiers who could benefit from the services provided by Goodwill and our partners.

On that same visit, I witnessed the skill, passion and compassion of Eddie Rickenbach, Jason’s Goodwill Guide. Eddie helped Jason obtain industry certifications that secured him a new job and worked with Jason to build his self-confidence. That day, I saw Eddie’s dedication to dozens of people like Jason. I cannot overstate the role our Goodwill Guides, like Eddie, plain in empowering people.

I encourage all of central Indiana to connect with Goodwill. Donate your goods, and shop in our stores. Become an employment or health partner, or consider becoming a volunteer or member of our boards. Attend a graduation, or sign up for a Community Leaders Tour. There are numerous ways to get involved, and I hope you will. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I did!

Working together, we can make central Indiana a place where all people can thrive.

J. Scott Enright, Chair

Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, Inc. GW Commercial Services, Inc. - Board of Directors

Darrell E. Zink, Chair
J. Scott Enright, Vice Chair
Rose Mays, Ph.D., Secretary
Mark Denien, Treasurer
Kent A. Kramer, President
Daniel J. Riley,Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Mike Blakley
Peggy Boehm
Marianne Glick
Gordan M. Graham
Thomas A. King
Owen B. Melton, Jr.
Michael O’Connor
Don Palmer
John D. Perry
Maribeth Smith
Jean Wojtowicz

Ex-Officio Directors
Elaine E. Bedel
C. Perry Griffith, Jr.

Honorary Directors
C. Perry Griffith, Jr.
Susan B. Hetherington
Bruce M. Jacobson
James T. Morris
Thomas H. Sams
Fred C. Tucker, III
Richard A. West


*Lists reflect active board members and board officers as of December 31, 2015.

Goodwill Education Initiatives, Inc. - Board of Directors

C. Perry Griffith, Jr., Chair
Gina DelSanto, Ph.D., Vice Chair
Doris L. Pryor, Secretary
Scott Bess, President
Claudia Cummings
Jeffrey A. Harrison
Richard Horn
Rose Mays, Ph.D.
Don Palmer

Ex-Officio Director
Kent A. Kramer

Honorary Directors
Gwen A. Fountain, Ph.D.
Fred C. Tucker, III


*Lists reflect active board members and board officers as of December 31, 2015.

Goodwill Industries Foundation of Central Indiana, Inc. - Board of Directors

Elaine E. Bedel, Chair
John F. Hirschman, Vice Chair
Keith Faller, Secretary
Matt B. Carter, Treasurer
Kent A. Kramer, President
Daniel J. Riley, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Jonathan L. Birge
Rebecca Byrnes
Betsy Dustman
Gwen A. Fountain, Ph.D.
Otto N. Frenzel, IV
Gordon M. Graham
C. Perry Griffith, Jr.
Thomas A. King
Wendy Larman
William K. McGowan, Jr.
Ralph Meyer
Andrew Morris
John Neighbours
John D. Perry
Steven C. Robinson
Bill Shrewsberry
Fred C. Tucker, III
W. Michael Wells
Elizabeth Bracken Wiese

Ex-Officio Directors
Darrell E. Zink
J. Scott Enright
Rose Mays, Ph.D.
Mark Denien

Honorary Director
Malcolm W. Applegate


*Lists reflect active board members and board officers as of December 31, 2015.

*As of March 21, 2016
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*Most recent data available. 21st Century Scholars is a program that provides financial support to students from low-income families who are first in their families to pursue higher education and attend an accredited Indiana college.
6. “A Stronger Nation through Higher Education.” Lumina Foundation. March 21, 2016.